Going Out to Eat

So. The other day, husband and I go out to eat at one of our favorite spots. It’s usually crowded, but we’re pretty lucky and can usually find a spot. Service is quick and the food is always awesome.

When we go out to eat, we usually don’t like to order the same thing so that we can both try what the other gets. However, most of the time, we want to order the same thing. This generally proves to be a bit difficult, with me giving in because he tends to be a baby about it. But this has gotten a little easier as I have become a full on vegetarian, and almost vegan. So these days I can’t eat what he gets anyway.

We sit down, place our orders, wait with drooling mouths because we’re super hungry, and the plates arrive. Yay!

I can’t eat much off his plate and I ordered something kind of small.

The following comic I made about the evening ensued:


When Husband asks for a bite, ladies…we know that shit is more than “A” bite. And I didn’t order much and he didn’t have anything I could eat on his plate to compensate, and here I am, expected to give up my little bit of hummus to him? And then he makes me feel bad because I deny it to him? And then when I offer it again, he says no?!

Does this ever happen to anyone else?! I can’t be alone in this!

There is a happy ending, though. I ate all my hummus in two bites so he couldn’t change his mind. ^_^


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