Teaching is a form of Entertainment

I have the joy of teaching English to a wide age range of students, from about 2 years old to adults. While the older kids and adults have their fun and perks, no group is half as entertaining and as much fun as the kids ages 3-6.

One of my favorite students is 4 years old and I have him once a week in a class at the center where I teach. I’ll call him “The Greek”. Because that’s what he is – Greek. At least, that’s how his mother explains him when I tell her about our adventures in class – she shrugs her shoulders and with a smirk says, “What can I say, he’s Greek!!”

The Greek

The Greek

If this doesn’t set you up for shenanigans, I don’t know what will.

A while back, “The Greek” was in a particularly rambunctious mood as he came into class. While he’s usually my class clown, he was on fire this day, throwing himself down dramatically on the floor in the middle of games, grabbing the girls by the hands and twirling them around (naturally he’s a lady’s man and the only boy in class)…you get the idea. Normally he’s not such a disruption, but this day he was going crazy!

At the end of the class, I line them all up to play a class-favorite game and he’s super excited. When I call on him, his excitement BURSTS open and he takes his shirt, throws it up over his head and then runs around the middle of the game floor waving his hands wildly about and screaming at the top of his lungs. I’ve tried to give you an illustration here, but it doesn’t do the scene justice:


After I compose myself, because I’m doubled up laughing, I run over to him, grab him and put him back on his spot and put his shirt right. I turn around to check on all the other kids, who are also giggling, and then they start laughing even harder. I turn back to The Greek and his pants are on the floor.

“Greek! What are you doing?! Put your pants back on!!”

He shakes his head no. I go over and pull up his pants for him.

He laughs and tries to kiss me and I shake him off, trying not to laugh too much myself, and we somehow manage to finish the game.

I only hope your Mondays are as entertaining as mine! I’m sure there will be more stories to come on my dear, sweet boy – The Greek.  😉


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