Dreams – From my head to yours! No. 1 – Treasure Hunt

So, I’m a pretty intense dreamer. Not in the sense of I have big dreams (which I do, but that’s not what I mean here) but in the sense of when I close my eyes and pass out at night, I have the wildest, craziest and most detailed adventures.

You can dream analyze these all you want or psychoanalyze if that’s your pleasure, but I’ve decided to share some of my more memorable ones because, well, I find them to be sort of like short stories and rather entertaining. I am making this word in particular stand out, because that is the reason why I’m sharing these dreams, for entertainment purposes only! And, cross my heart, these are my actual, real life dreams, detail by detail, sequence by sequence. Let me warn you, I have a very vivid and wild imagination! 😉

Here is the first one for you all – an adventure!

The setting is dark – nighttime tinted with a soft blue light. You would assume moonlight, but it’s a bit too blue for moonlight. It’s like the land and trees are glowing from the inside. I am on a jungle mountainside with a female companion and we’re climbing over rocks, ruins and giant trees and their roots, looking for the secret opening to a cave. We have a time limit, we have until midnight when everything is aligned just right to prevent the wrong hands from handling a precious power.

I am pretty sure I am a woman, and I’m dressed in clothes that are easy to move in, like some sort of dark leather dress over short, tightly fitting pants and a sort of leather skin boots. My companion is wearing what resembles a Grecian toga, with a thin, light fabric flowing about her as she runs after me in her sandals. Her dress is tied in bunches at the shoulders and just below her bust, and her hair is thick, curly and a light brown but decoratively braided and done around her head.

The riddle is running through our minds as we try to discover the hidden opening of the secret underground temple. Something about a light shining forth when the truth is spoken – what does that even mean? The map in my head tells me we’ve almost reached the spot, when my companion yells out to look around and from the ground, out of a small hole a beam of light bursts forth. The moon is reflected off of some prism inside this small mouth in the ground and a beam has been fired into the sky for people from miles around to know its location.

I hurry forth and cover the hole with moss and grass – my companion is looking nervously about her. But we both know it’s too late – the wrong people have seen the light and we have to move fast. I move the rock away from the entrance, and I dangle my legs down the hole first and climb through, my companion following me. We are climbing down a giant statue of Buddha, (in my head I keep calling it the Buddha, but I see now it looks more like Avaloka) and we stop at the legs. The huge cave we find ourselves in is illuminated by the prism in the top of the huge statue we just climbed down. Apparently it absorbed enough light to keep glowing out around it. There is water in shallow pits and puddles around us, and there is the distinct smell of old dirt and vegetation. Plants have somehow managed to grow down here, there are thick vines along the walls and dark green shrubbery has started to take root here.

We are running out of time. My companion is the vessel who has to remove the light from the statue through passion (yes, passion, that’s what was said in my dream!), and through passion I have to take it from her before it’s too late and the enemy gets it. I turn to her and tell her to take it quick, they are almost here! We can hear yelling and echos from the caves that extend beyond the glow of our Buddha. My companion is scared, but she hurries to climb into and between the legs of the Buddha and accept the glow, the energy (I don’t see how). She comes back to me slowly, glowing all over, and I rush to her and take her in my arms and passionately kiss her. I can feel the energy come to me in a rush and when I open my eyes I am all light, and I can see beyond the beyond. I can feel the light and energy emanating out of my being and I know we did it just at the clock was about to run out. I open my eyes and in this split second of knowing and observation, I wake up.

What do you think, entertaining? Crazy? The plot for a movie? All of the above? 😉


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