The Airport

I have these reoccurring settings for dreams. I think most do, right? One is of my childhood home, which makes sense from a psychological perspective, but the other one, the one I’m going to tell you about now, is an airport – that I’ve never actually been to.

But throughout the many times I’ve found myself at this airport, it’s always in a different section. I have been inside, outside and all around this airport since it started popping up in my dreams, oh, I don’t know, less than a year ago. And about 95% of the time, I’m there to pick somebody up. Here’s the kicker – I don’t know who. A name or a face has never popped up. I’m only at the airport waiting for them, and as I wait for them I observe what’s going on around me. Sometimes someone is with me, but mostly I’m alone. Sometimes nothing very interesting happens, but last night I watched a man snort a trail of cocaine down a flight of stairs and no one stop him. Everyone seemed rather nervous to get in his way actually, and would hurry past him if they had to take those stairs, including myself.

The airport is HUGE and towers into the sky. From the outside, it looks almost like something out of the Jetsons. It rises stories into the sky on a muddy redish-brown base that is naturally huge, and on the top are glass domes of all sizes for the different terminals and sections. I can look up and see a super long covered escalator from the ground going up into a small bubble where people can get out and disperse into the direction of their needs/desires and follow tunnels into the other oddly shaped domes. I think this escalator is just for going up and to get people for arrivals, but I’m not sure.

Inside the largest dome, which is angular and cool, there are lots of stores and restaurants and it’s crowded and very bright. Just like in any airport, people here are coming and going in all shapes, sizes and variations of stress. The mini walls constructed on the sides of walkways are a dark grey and there are lots of plants inside as well. It’s actually quite bright and cheery!

Sometimes I’m just wandering around the hallways, killing time before my Mystery Guest arrives. Sometimes I’m trying to decide where to get a bite to eat while I wait, or am already sitting down at a table watching the people pass by.  I know the airport fairly well by now, and know how to get to different areas via more escalators or elevators, pathways and tunnels. It’s a funny maze, but I know my way around it. Sometimes, I even stop and help give people directions or let them follow me cuz I’m going in that direction anyway.

I know this story isn’t quite like my last, but it’s interesting to me. I keep popping up here and I’m waiting for someone, someone important enough for me to keep showing up at the airport to pick them up…But who?airport


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