The Musical Education in Vienna is Lacking

Yes, my friends, that is correct – it is lacking tremendously!

“But how?!” you gasp. “Vienna is the city of music and culture?! How can that be?”

Oh, please don’t mistake me. Every child here can recognize the Danube Waltz. But their education is INCOMPLETE, my friends.

Most children have never heard of…brace yourselves…Michael Jackson.

Even fewer know who Queen is…

Even less know Elvis or dare I say it…THE BEATLES.

Now, I think we can all agree, that those mentioned above formulate probably the most important group of singers and musicians to have graced the human race in arguably the last century. And these children have no idea about these people!!

Never fear – I have taken it upon myself to right this dreadful wrong. Now, when teaching adjectives such as “good” and “bad”, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video is immediately played on Youtube, and any lesson on Halloween is immediately followed by “Thriller”.

Oh, fair child, are you singing to get in the spirit of tonight’s football/soccer game with “We Will Rock You” ? Or are you celebrating a win with a round of “We Are the Champions”? Who sings that?! QUEEN.

And so on, and so forth.

And then, from the mouth of the sweetest babe – a five-year-old I tutor privately at the center. We are going through the alphabet, and I am giving him words that begin with each letter, A for Apple, J for Jackie, etc, etc – and Q for Queen comes up. His blonde little head perks up, his head swivels to look at me and with those bright baby blues he exclaims in German, “Like the band?! They are good singers!”

My jaw drops.”You know who Queen is? The band?”

“Yes!” he nods eagerly.

To test him, I sing a little bit of “We Will Rock You” and he sings along. Test complete.

“They are the ones with the really good singer. Freddie.”

I am almost weeping in pride and joy at this point.

“Yes, my child, yes! Freddie Mercury! An amazing singer! Dear, sweet child, your parents are AWESOME!”

And he just sagely smiled and said, “Yes, I know.”

A double hi-five and fist bump later, I am lost in reflection. All is not lost – there are still some parents out there who are giving their children the musical education that is their RIGHT!
Well, done parents, well done.

My work continues, but I know that I am no longer alone in the struggle to bring these poor, innocent babes out of the darkness and into the light!!


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