Today is “Pat-your-teacher-on-the-back-day” or just repeat this phrase:

Today was a particularly good day. It wasn't below freezing. The sun shone warmly through the grey that has been hanging out in this city. The kids were all in a good mood. And I got an amazing compliment. In one of my classes, I was supposed to have a new student. I was a … Continue reading Today is “Pat-your-teacher-on-the-back-day” or just repeat this phrase:


Search and Rescue

Group of us, all kids, looking for one kid who was taken up a long, thin red tower. He is the key to something, the son of someone rich and powerful, but who was lucky enough to make the right friends. Lives with father (a roboted-out Tom Hanks), mother is rather estranged but calls regularly. … Continue reading Search and Rescue