Search and Rescue

Group of us, all kids, looking for one kid who was taken up a long, thin red tower.

He is the key to something, the son of someone rich and powerful, but who was lucky enough to make the right friends.

Lives with father (a roboted-out Tom Hanks), mother is rather estranged but calls regularly. She works for a secret rebel organization.

All very futuristic with personal flight travel. The home is huge and bright with flashing lights and signs. I think the dad is some kind of politician. There is a very big, bright yellowish orb in the background, like a moon that is super close, that is highlighting the exchange of information on the outside dock.

Cyborg-Dad has right-hand man who looks like a crazier version of General Grevious.

Dad uses technology to disguise himself as son to answer a call from “mom”. “Why didn’t you call sooner? Didn’t you know I could have died?” Then the “mother” answers something strange and the boy morphs into the father. “Well, I guess it is time then.” And then the henchman comes disguised as the boy. The mother pops out of her invisibility shield and gives some directions to the henchman. He smiles with pride and longing/lust at the mother, says something a little inappropriate in terms of affection for her, and jet packs off. The father looks at her concernedly but she rolls her eyes, sets her mouth in a straight line and closes the window in front of her as she zooms off.

The priceless ancient buildings are exploding, and the henchman is furious, but they have to go in order to save the people. The henchman shouts out from a balcony down to the father that he has his son’s kiss, and that is all that is needed in his next step!

And the son is gone.

The friends are trying to look for him. A girl, a bit older and a leader of their group, manages to lock up the littlest ones for their safety, but one of the boys escapes and follows her up the dark, dirty and windy stairs. As they come out on a balcony that goes outside, they are followed by people who they think are going to attack them, but it’s tons of camera people with cameras of all shapes and sizes, snapping pictures and making recordings of them. At first, the two go through the line by line of them, trying to break cameras, but no one is trying to stop them, or moving at all really. And they all break out into song, something happy and I think Christmasy.

Then they realize that they’re okay, even though the situation is really weird, and they look over at this red tower with a huge, diagonal staircase leading to the top, and the girl just knows that’s where they’ve taken him. Meanwhile, I can see/feel the lost sense of hope from the boy because he thinks that no one will think to look for him there, that they’ll waste all their time in the mansion.

They do their best running up the stairs and burst into the top into a dark, circular hallway with rooms going off on either side, and they know their friend is in there because they can hear a rather sinister conversation. They turn to their right and someone is there, almost waiting for them. The father sealed the door of the weapon that the henchman wants with something the henchman could never have – the kiss of a son. So he disguised himself as the mother to get a kiss implanted and scanned and reproduced to trick the lock, but it didn’t work, so now the son has to do it himself. The lock presents a hologram of the father, and the son has to kiss his cheek.



And then I wake up. Have fun analyzing that one! Whew!


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