Today is “Pat-your-teacher-on-the-back-day” or just repeat this phrase:

Today was a particularly good day. It wasn’t below freezing. The sun shone warmly through the grey that has been hanging out in this city. The kids were all in a good mood. And I got an amazing compliment.

In one of my classes, I was supposed to have a new student. I was a bit alarmed that he didn’t show up in time for class, but no matter. Things like that often happen. Then in the short break between my classes, my lovely boss comes in and informs me that the parents brought their child about 30 minutes late and the child was, to say the least, devastated. Apparently his parents had been hyping up the class to him, so he was pretty upset to have missed it.

So my boss, in her sweetness, told them that they could sit in on the next class, so that they could see how it works and get an idea. It’s a level up, but the same basic format. They were thrilled!

The parents, a young, attractive couple, made themselves comfortable on the floor in a back corner, and their little guy made himself comfortable right away on the carpet with the older and larger kids, and had a blast! It was a particularly fun lesson involving musical instruments and games and laughter, and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves, especially the parents who were apt to laugh out loud at my crazy but effective teaching antics and the reactions of the students.

After the class, the parents got up and the father strode over to me and exclaimed with his head thrown back and arms out, “That was EFFING AWESOME!!!”


Then, after they left my class, apparently he made the same exclamation to my boss, who went a little pale at the thought of him yelling out f***ing, hahaha! My colleague rushed in to laugh and tell me about the compliment. Brilliant! I’m always so happy when a parent is appreciative of the work we do, because we really are a full on interactive learning center – it’s a lot of work to play so well! 😉

Needless to say, the child will now be a regular student of mine. Saaa-weeeet!

When I got home, I fixed myself a nice alcoholic beverage in celebration of my “effing awesomeness”. Don’t forget to treat yourself a little, too, when someone gives you a compliment to make your day! It’s definitely reason enough! 🙂



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