Good Morning Winter

I’m in bed, under a really thick, off-white comforter that looks like it was handmade. It’s cold outside and I’m reluctant to leave the bed, but I know I have to take care of the animals.

I poke my head out from under the blankets and look around. The room is a big open barn sort of set-up. In front of me and a little to the right there is a cow and her calf in the stall, and they both have a blanket thrown over them. A small horse is to their right and the dog is near the small fire in the center of the room. The chickens are softly clucking to my right with the goat not too far away. Light is creeping in through the windows above us and the rafters. Hay makes up the floor. The smell of animals and hay is warming and comforting. It doesn’t smell bad because I take good care of my animals and am very proud of that. It’s just me and them.winter wonderland

I get up and stretch as I walk over to the door to take a look outside. The scene is beautiful. Snow lays about a foot or two deep on the ground. The trees are hung with white and the morning sun makes everything twinkle. It’s not as cold as I thought it would be.

All of a sudden, the calf darts out around me and off down the path from the barn. I run after her, thinking that I need to get her back before the wolves get the silly thing. Her mother is screaming in the barn and the dog has come to the door to inspect what is going on.

I run after her, calling out her name, “Betty! Betty come back here!”

I manage to grab the rope trailing behind her just as she reaches the edge of the forest. But she freezes. She can sense the wolves. They’re a lot closer than I thought.

Immediately she turns around and runs back to the shelter of the barn, dragging me behind her. My long, thick skirts are taking on snow as she drags me. I hear the wolves run around us, getting closer. One wolf jumps in front of us and goes to where the garden usually is and grabs something, it looks like a carrot. He holds it in his mouth and is a little above us. I look at him with fear of an attack, but it looks like he is not going to attack us. It looks more like he is warning us to get back inside. The wolves in the edge at the forest are growling and slowly starting to come towards us.

Betty finally makes it back inside and is pulling me with her as I keep my eyes fixed on the wolf.

Then I wake up.


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