Held for Observation

I was in some sort of space ship, by myself, looking for someone, a little girl. I promised I would come and find her, come and help her. I am floating through space when a bright light blinds me and I can feel my ship being tugged towards it.

White out.

I wake up in a gray room with a bed and a dresser. It’s not totally unfriendly, but it’s definitely new to me. I look over to the wall and see about five computers hung up on it with different Facebook homepages of people pulled up. On it is my own, people asking where I am and if I’m okay. There are similar messages on the other people’s home pages. I recognize one homepage of the little girl I’m looking for, and the other of a good friend of mine. I send her a message, ignoring my own page, telling her I think I am where she is now and that I miss her, let’s try to meet up. I unplug all the computers and take the odd memory sticks out of them, knowing that on each one is information of each person. I think to myself that no one else should have these but the people who’s information is on them, so I take them to give back, putting my own in my pocket. I vaguely wonder how much information they have of me on it.

I can’t decided if I’m being monitored or not. I look to my left and there is a window. I go to it and see a little garden with green grass. There’s the girl I was looking for, playing outside with some butterflies. I smile, I know we’re okay. We’re just being held for observation. But I have no idea by whom. I’m assuming aliens. I still can’t decide if I’m being observed right now or not.

My bag is on the floor by the foot of my single bed. I go to it and open it and find the little green pack I had packed for the girl. She asked for a first-aid kit. I filled it with the basics, band aids and gels and the like, but I had also put in a bunch of small toys, like bubbles, a Skip-It, play jewelery and hair stuff. There is a frenzied knock on my door. I hear a young voice call out, “Quick! Quick! Let me in! Before they see me. I’m not supposed to be here yet, but I have to see you! You promised that you would bring me my things. Are you there? Jackie! Quick! Let me in!”

There is some tape on the door over the bit in the middle where it separates and I rip it off and the doors quietly slide apart and open. In skips the girl I was looking for. The doors shut and I drop to my knees and give her a big hug. She looks perfectly fine and healthy. I lead her over to the green pack and open it for her. She is happy to see that I have brought what she asked for and is really surprised but happy to see the extras. As I’m kneeling next to her on the floor, I get the sensation that we are now being watched and that we disobeyed somehow by being here together. I know we’re not going to be punished, but definitely scolded. The doors slide open and a tall, thin figure comes through, but there is a white like obscuring the scene and then it takes over the picture.

White out, wake up.


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