War is Coming

Eve is sitting at the base of a tree hugging her knees to her chest, upset and fighting back tears of pain. She has been cast aside by Adam for a newer version of herself that has Adam bewitched. She is determined to win him back, but how?

Adam is looking for Eve 2. The Creator is going to call soon, and the two of them are supposed to sit at the base of the tree and report to him on their thoughts, dreams and doings. He is at the tree and The Creator calls him. It looks like a hologram. The Creator is tall and lean with a fuzzy outline. The corporal body is like pixels that have been zoomed in – many different shapes and colors making up the form, hence the fuzziness. Adam watches as The Creator stands in front of him and asks how he is doing, but he seems distracted and disinterested. Adam apologizes for Eve 2’s absence, he has no idea where she could be. The Creator doesn’t seem to care at all. In fact, he says, “Fine, fine. Go on about your day now.” and then signs off. But he doesn’t do it correctly, and Adam can still see into the room where The Creator is. The audio on Adam’s end is cut, but Adam can still see and hear everything in this room. He watches as The Creator turns on another hologram projector, and freezes cold as he sees Eve 2 sitting on the lap of a new Adam at the base of a similar tree. They are laughing and talking with The Creator, just as he used to do. Anger fires up in his chest and he storms away, thinking, “How could The Creator do this to us? To me? Why would he do this? I must make him pay!!” The scene moves to Adam in a war helmet. Dark silver with green trim and long, golden horns. His dark, masculine body is adorned with leather and vines, protective wear on his forearms, shins and torso. His eyes have turned a dark yellow as he declares war on the heavens and stars and energy starts to fly about him. The rage he bellows is heard on the winds, and everyone knows that war is coming.

Giant trolls are waking up after a 500 year sleeping sentence. They were bound in a wooden table in a cottage, and they are starting to wake up and stretch away from it. They are hungry and put whatever they see first in their mouths – glass, ceramic bowls, picture frames. They are cracking jokes and making wise-cracks at one another’s expense.

Eve 1 is forcing a girl to help her win back Adam 1 and in turn help him defeat The Creator and take charge. She has put an “or else” sort of pressure on the girl. The girl is struggling in the kitchen to make a special potion for her, while the table of Giant Trolls is waking up. She is wondering if her brother is waking up, too. He robbed someone of something and was being punished. She was looking forward to teaching him all the things he’s missed out on on the past half century. She is working hurriedly with Eve 1 over her shoulder, with a special nut juicer that squeezes the nut pulp on the bottom and the nut milk comes up through a cup on the top. This she pours into a stopped sink and exclaims in fright as someone sneaks up behind her, dropping the whole contraption into the sink, as Eve 1 looks angrily on.

Wake up.



Picture from http://brandlin.blogspot.co.at/2013/11/diorama-of-doom-vii.html


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