New Student

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good story to share with you about my adventures teaching English, but now I have a new six-year-old student, and he’s great material!


Example 1:

We’re going over the seasons and suddenly he asks, “Jackie, do you know Jesus?”

Me: Awkward pause. “Um, yes, yes I do – Great guy!”

Him: “Did you know he died for us?” ::continues on 30 second rant about how great it was Jesus died for us::

Me: “So, when did he come alive again? Winter or Spring?”

Him: “Easter! SPRING!!”

Me: “Very good!” ::high five::

Teaching English Lesson Learned Here: Take what your student gives you and roll with it.


Example 2:

We’re sitting on the couch, and he is wearing what appears to be pajama bottoms. He is slunched and leaning back on the couch, with his knees in the air and his hands in his boyhood region and is vigorously scratching away downstairs.

Me: “Hey! You know, that’s not very polite to sit like that while I’m here.”

Him: “Why not?”

Me: “Because you’re not supposed to scratch down there when you have guests over. I’m a guest!”

Him: He pauses to consider this then decides his need to scratch is way more important and responds with, “But there is DUST there!”

Me: ::uncontrollable outburst of laughter::

Teaching English Lesson Learned Here: Sometimes it’s just too random and funny to roll with.


Oh kids! Gotta love ’em! 😉


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