Procrastination – Why such a bitch?

Everybody’s favorite pastime, right? I’ll get right to the point – why? Seriously, why? Why do we indulge in this so much and so frequently?

Gotta write something? Ha, no, that broccoli in the fridge needs to be cooked NOW. Gotta clean something? Oh damn, look at all that email that absolutely needs to read IMMEDIATELY. Need to shower before you grace the rest of the world with your presence and meet up with a friend for coffee? Just after this next YouTube video…

Get what I’m saying? Why are we all doing stuff like this? If you try to tell me you don’t, you’re a liar and I don’t believe you. In fact, if you’re reading this and trying to prove you’re not a liar, I’d argue that you’re putting something else way more important off! 😉

Recently, during a particularly successful morning of procrastination, you know the kind – where you have a whole day of work planned at home and then this happens:


Classic, right? Well, it was somewhere in the middle of the cave that I randomly found this guy: JP Sears.


First of all, this video was really funny and you should check it out for a good giggle.


And then I started going through his other videos. Not all of them are funny, but he does have a sweet, lighthearted sense of humor as he gives some pretty good advice and thoughts. But it was his procrastination video (surprise!) that really hit some notes and reverberated in my head.


These are the thoughts and questions he poses for us to ponder over:

->What’s going on with the part of me that’s blocking me? What’s the agenda of the blocking saboteur? What will its purpose be after the task is completed; can that be defined? Is it keeping you stuck with familiarity?
->The dialogue between the Inner Adult and Inner Child – what’s going on?
->How are you addicted to shame? To anger? When did you get swamped with shame and overwhelmed with anger? When did you get stuck in it? When did you get addicted to the familiar experience of being stuck (denying the reality of shame and anger)?


Those questions can reach in pretty deep (especially that last one), right? But, isn’t that the point? Procrastination keeps you from probing deeper and finding answers and getting stuff done, because it likes to keep you just barely floating in comfort, ignoring the truth around you. But by addressing these questions and these perspectives, it forces your Ego to side step a bit, and if you can work your way around it to answer these questions that it (Ego) doesn’t want answered, then maybe you can move forward and stop procrastinating too!

Well, that’s the thought process, anyway. I’m still exploring these points myself, but like I said, these questions reverberated enough with me that I had to share them! So, thanks JP, for at least adding a little depth to my procrastination.

What do you think?


JP’s website is here, in case you’re interested.


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