There’s a Certain Balance in Teaching

Yesterday I began my new adventure as the English teacher at an adorable kindergarten and, I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited!

Mondays are my new “Baby Days”, where I spend most of the morning with the youngest group, aged about 1-2 years. While helping out at lunchtime, I watched in fascinated horror as one of the kids realized the giant green snot-worm slithering down his face. Before I could be shaken out of my reverie to address the situation, I witnessed him carefully select a piece of bow tie pasta and scrape the slimy offender off his upper lip, and continue to eat said piece of pasta as if it was just another day at the lunch table.

Then today, I had the great pleasure of spending the morning with the babies again as one of the teachers had called in sick (not surprised). Yes, there was lots of snot again, but…after lunch today, I helped to put the kids down to nap, which turned out to not be as horrifying as you’d think it might be with 12 babies. As I sat next to the smallest girl’s mat to help ease her into her daytime dreams, I watched as two little ones, who are clearly good friends, propped themselves up to giggle with each other about some secret that only they knew. Then, as they were told to lie down, the one reached out for the other’s hand, and holding hands, they fell asleep safe in each others’ presence and companionship. ::cue the heart-melting freeze frame::


As I said in the title – there is a certain balance to be found in teaching, watching the horror and love go round and round… 😉


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