Taking Up Arms

So I had a dream I was a badger.

My mate and I were in the woods and could feel we were being hunted. We contemplated running, digging a hole and hiding, but then we decided that it wasn’t going to be so simple this time. We would have to take a stand and fight our hunters – humans.

There was a zooming out of my viewpoint and I could see that we weren’t in the woods at all, but in a zoo. We went to take cover in a bush and plan our attack when we heard a guide say, “Okay, there is a male and a female.”

With a sly grin, my mate snuck out of the bush and deftly made his way around the humans, stood up on his hind legs and said, “Yes, and I am the male.” He was as tall as the human man in front of him and twice as wide. I took my cue, emerged from the bush and also stood on my hind legs. Not as tall as my mate, but still quite large. “And here is the female,” I said, baring my teeth and getting ready to fight.

There was this wave of energy that flooded the space and it drew our attention to the humans around us – they were fleeing and screaming in all directions. The setting shifted again. We were now in a mall-like setting, as if we were outside of the glass that separated us from the zoo visitors in some modern viewing space. Our attention was brought to this evil looking woman attacking a small boy, and my mate rushed and head-butted her off of him and placed himself between her and the child. I took the offensive and with the release of some guttural sound attacked her, banging her head into the ground a couple of times with my paw. As I backed off, the woman hefted herself up a little. She looked like some sort of demon, and then she snarled at me. I returned the gesture, after which she ran off towards the exit.

We were going to look for the next demonoid to attack, but first examined the boy. I could smell a little blood and he looked more frightened than anything, but I could tell he knew he wasn’t in any more immediate danger. A little hand balled itself up tightly in my fur.

The loud racket of things falling on tile flooring brought our attention to the upstairs and we could see some more of these demon things attacking people. My mate wanted to help and made a start, but I called to him and told him it was more important to secure the boy first, and there were too many of them anyway.

We agreed to leave, and as soon as the decision was made, my eyes seemed to zoom and fade out, and I woke up.



2 thoughts on “Taking Up Arms

  1. “Like” is not quite right. Not that I like the idea of demonoids attacking innocent children, although I do like the heroic badgers. Not that I like that any person should have to endure such harrowing dreams. I do like that it was all indeed a dream. Most of all, I like your willingness to break up the humdrum of my day with a story that engages the imagination.

    • Ha, thanks, anytime! Yeah, sometimes the dreams get pretty intense, but I always find them interesting. I’m glad you seem to enjoy reading them. 🙂

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