Kindergarten Crisis Averted!

Today I was sitting at the craft table with some kids and drawing giant butterflies for them to color in. The littlest girl decided that she wanted to cut out her pretty butterfly as a present to her mama. So I handed her the scissors and left her at it, knowing she was perfectly capable of the task.

Turns out, not so much. She cut her butterfly in half. And proceeded to get very upset about it.

“I need a new butterfly…” Tears were starting to build up.

“But why? This is such a beautiful butterfly! Your mama will certainly love it!”

“No, it’s broken!” Tears were dangerously close to the edge.

There’s a short pause as I think about how to fix this. Lightbulb comes on. I feel like the other teacher could see it.

“But you’ve made mama a puzzle! That’s such a great idea!”

She stops for a second to think about it, and then her eyes light up. “Yes! A puzzle!! I need more pieces!”


Crisis averted, and no paper was wasted. The teacher and the tree-hugger in me were high-fiving. 😉


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