About Me

I’ve left the land of the sun and year-round warm weather and followed my heart to Vienna, Austria. A lot of people here like to ask me why, but I like to ask, “Why not?”

Having done the obligatory “tour d’Europe” during my college career, I fell hard for the continent and decided that one day I’d make it back. Once back at university, Fate stepped in and introduced me to my husband, who is European – Austrian, to be exact. After graduation I didn’t see a better or more exciting offer than to come with him to Vienna – one city I didn’t make it to on my previous tour.

It was a rough start, me and Vienna. Long story short, my Spanish was no longer useful and I realized how much I took the USA’s customer service for granted.

But after sticking it out now for the better part of a decade, I’ve realized just how awesome this country is. Every day is a new adventure, whether or not I leave my apartment.

The weather is fickle, and sadly no, there are no beaches, but other than these things I’m quite pleased with my choice.

I started off in the field of entertainment, and still love the opportunity for creative work when it crosses my path. You can also find me behind the camera as an Assistant Casting Director at Englander-Fleischhacker Casting. Here’s my own IMDB link with a few projects listed. As well as acting and singing, I am also able to dance, mime, and do voice over work. For more info on what I can do, please check out my “what i’ve done” page, and browse through my pics and videos.

Outside of entertainment I am an English Trainer and Coach. Basically, if you need it in English, I’m your gal! Currently I work upon request at the prestigious Die Schule des Sprechens and am a content creator and presenter for NeuKurs. I specialize in English pronunciation, rhythm and melody, and presentation coaching.

In my blog, I share some of my adventures teaching as well as in my dreams. I’m a very vivid dreamer, and every now and again I get a dream that I watch in my head like I’d watch a movie, with intense detail and sequential action. These I write down to share with you!


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what you see, hear and read here on my page.



PS. All the ideas and stories I publish on my blog are mine. Please be kind, don’t steal!!


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