Acting Coaching in English

As any good actor knows, how one understands and uses the language of a piece greatly affects the outcome of the performance. As more and more film and theater is aimed at an international audience, more directors and producers are opting to make their productions in English, and actors here have had to step up their game accordingly.

I’m here to help!

Feel free to contact me about personal coaching for Acting in English. I have good training from university in the Lessac technique, and this with my English teaching skills really lends a hand in my successful work with clients. Whether you are looking for overall English improvement or audition preparation or monologue/scene work, I can help you.

In regards to accent work, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be qualified for a British accent, but I could definitely help you out with American accents and English in general. I already have successfully coached actors here of all professional levels and have even been an English consultant for a film.





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