English Trainer/Presentation Coach

A Brief History

I graduated with my International Baccalaureate Degree in 2006 and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance in 2010. I also earned my TEFL Master Diploma Certificate – 120 hours of Teacher Training, with extra certificates in Business English and Young Learners. Combined, along with my own insatiable literary appetite, these have given me a thorough understanding of the English language and how to use it.

All that alongside my energetic nature and love of performing make me, at least so I’ve been told, a really fun (and good!) English teacher. I happily work with all ages, from babies and small children to adults. I am happy to give private tutoring lessons, so feel free to contact me!


Where do I work as a coach/trainer?

Currently I work upon request at the prestigious Die Schule des Sprechens and am a content creator and presenter for NeuKurs. I specialize in English pronunciation, rhythm & melody, and presentation coaching. However, I can help you with basically anything you need in English. I love to personalize lessons and get creative, so just let me know what it is you need and I’ll do my best to tailor something specific.


How exactly am I qualified as a presentation coach?

Because of my entertainment background, I know exactly how to look and sound on stage and screen, as well as how to make what you have to say engaging and memorable for audiences. I boast an extensive, eclectic background in studying the physical form and how it affects the voice. My studies include:  various styles of dance, yoga, Tae Bo, kung fu, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, Structural Integration/Rolfing. So, not only can I help guide you vocally, but I can also guide you in your physicality, where you’ll notice the two often overlap and influence the other.