Videos and Recordings

“Colors of the Wind” cover from Disney’s Pocahontas.


“On My Own” cover from Les Misérables


This was a fun student video I made with the crew over at FFAB here in Vienna – a fun project, as you can see! If you’re having trouble with the link or are asked for a password, it’s ffab.


Here is a video of me covering Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be Seeing You”. Not bad for recording it at home with Audacity! 😉


Here is a short video I put together of some of my monologues from a play I did. The play is called, “The Clean House” by Sarah Ruhl. It’s an absolutely beautiful play, and I played the part of Matilde.


These are links to the waltzing flashmob I was a part of at the Vienna International Airport:

Here’s a Walk Act I did – you can’t see my face, but I promise I’m in there! 😉



Voice Samples:

Kama Sutra


Hungarian Plains



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